The advertising landscape is constantly changing.  Attention spans are getting shorter. The public is being inundated with messages daily. A consistent brand message that bridges all media is the best way to get your message across. From Youtube commercials for your business to ads on apps and digital media, to traditional billboards and print, 11th Floor can help you advertise your business successfully.


Your brand image is the first association many customers will have with your brand. We can help make it memorable. But it goes much further than logo design. A good brand image extends into all of your marketing and even into your operations. This is why it is so important to have a branding strategy behind any advertising you conduct.

Event Production

Successful event planning can be time consuming and at times overwhelming. 11th Floor can help take your event to the next level with with our many multi-media options to bring a “wow” factor your guests won’t forget. We offer stage design, video production and coordination, event video services or in event live video feeds. We also create print and digital brochures, flyers and booklets that will keep your audience engaged and entertained!

Graphic Design

The foundation of any good brand image is solid graphic design. And solid graphic design is based on simplicity, especially when it involves a marketing message. Clutter is the enemy of successful brand design. 11th Floor focuses on creating designs that can easily translate to all media, in all formats. 


So you have a great product or service, but if don’t market your business properly, it will never achieve the success it deserves. 11th Floor has the experience and talent to create a full marketing plan and execute it from start to finish, giving your business the best chance to succeed. 

Motion Graphics

How can you get a lot of information across without boring your audience? You use animated motion graphics with video, images and music to create an experience that you won’t want to look away from.  

Video Production

Video is one of the best ways to grab and hold audience attention. 11th Floor can help you create memorable content for you audience that can be used on a variety of different platforms. This could be traditional TV commercials, social media posts, Youtube original content or paid Youtube commercials. We can also help larger organizations reach their stakeholders with custom produced corporate videos. 

Web Design

Your website is like the front door to your business. As people are browsing, they want to see a website that is aesthetically pleasing as both mobile websites as well as on larger screens. 11th Floor designs sites with your brand image as the first priority. Once the design is established, we can use simplified information flow to ensure that the end user has a pleasant experience and you get the conversions you are looking for.